11 horse care hacks to help you through winter

By Wendy Talbot on 20 December 2017

To make things easier for you and your horse we have 11 horse care hacks to help you through winter: 

  1. Invest in a good set of waterproofs – whether riding or mucking out staying dry makes all the difference.
  2. Keep your feet, hands, head and neck warm as these are where you lose most heat.
  3. Buy a cheap set of DIY overalls to help keep you clean and dry if you are doing stable chores before work – you can slip them on over your work-wear to save precious minutes.
  4. Keep a spare set of clothes at the yard in case you are inadvertently soaked and need a quick change.
  5. Draw up a weekly schooling and hacking schedule to help you make the most of the limited time you have.
  6. If you ride in the mornings groom your horse the night before to save time and use a detangler for manes and tails to help stop mud sticking.
  7. Warm your horse up and cool him down properly; long hours in the stable may make your horse stiff and the colder weather means muscles take longer to get going properly.
  8. Only use warm water to wash your horse after a ride –would you like an ice cold shower after exercise?
  9. Poo pick on frosty mornings as it’s far easier to collect the poo when it’s firm and frosted over and it’s easier to wheel the barrow too.
  10. Wipe mud and grease off your saddle and bridle with a little warm water each time you use it and then give it a proper clean at the weekend when you have more time.
  11. If you don’t have hot water on tap at your yard take a thermos of hot water every day – you can use it to heat up water for washing off your horse and your tack and to make yourself a cup of coffee too.

Be prepared to clear the challenge of encysted small redworms and “Time it Right” this autumn/winter.


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Wendy graduated from Bristol University in 1999. She then went on to complete a residency at Liverpool University and holds a European Diploma in Equine Internal Medicine. After working in practice for 13 years, she joined Zoetis in 2012 as the National Equine Veterinary Manager.

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