EHV vaccinations

Equine Herpes Virus (EHV) vaccination & how it works

By Josh Slater on 02 August 2019

Vaccination against EHV is important because it helps to prime your horse’s immune system to respond faster and more effectively to ward off disease.

EHV vaccination helps reduce the severity and spread of the respiratory disease and frequency of abortion disease. Reducing the spread of Equine Herpes Virus through management and vaccination is key to disease control.

Listen to the third in our series of four essential-listening EHV awareness vlogs from Professor Josh Slater, European Veterinary Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine, to learn why, in his opinion, EHV vaccination should be seen as a core vaccine alongside flu and tetanus.

In other blogs Josh explains what EHV is, types of EHV, signs to look for and what to do if you think your horse may have EHV. 

Did you know? 

Vaccination can shorten the duration of virus shedding in infected horses and help limit the spread of EHV.



Professor Josh Slater PhD, BVM&S, DipECEIM

Professor Josh Slater BVM&S, PhD, DipECEIM. Josh is an expert in equine infectious respiratory diseases and has advised extensively on biosecurity for numerous international equine competitions. He has a particular interest in herpesviruses, influenza and Streptococcus equi, the cause of strangles.

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