Worm a horse the right way! Equine Vet Ben Gaskell’s expert advice

By Ben Gaskell on 13 July 2017

How do I worm a horse?

HorseDialog’s guest vlogger Ben Gaskell, a vet in North Yorkshire, shows us how to worm a horseproperly.

Follow our easy instructions to worm a horse to make sure you get the wormer in your horse’s mouth rather than all over yourself!

  • Choose the right wormer for the worms your are tackling
  • Measure the dose your horse needs according to his bodyweight
  • Be calm, controlled and in a safe place such as a stable
  • Make sure your horse has an empty mouth so that he won’t spit out the food when you put the wormer in
  • Remember to remove the cap on the syringe!
  • Insert the wormer syringe into the side of the horse’s mouth and up towards the back of the tongue
  • Tilt his head up before depressing the plunger
  • Hold his head up until he has swallowed the dose
  • Speak to your vet if your horse spits out some of the dose

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Ben graduated from Bristol University in 2000, working in equine and cattle practice before working in industry for several years. Since 2012 he has been working in equine practice in North Yorkshire, where he and his family are based.

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